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Unique Houseplants

Let’s face it— collecting houseplants is totally addicting (especially when it allows us to keep green in our lives even throughout an Alberta winter). But all things considered, it’s definitely one of the healthiest obsessions to have. They add so much beauty to the home, and they filter toxins out from the air! I can’t quite say the same about my comic book collection…

The key to a really impressive plant display is variety. Shaking things up and having a few statement pieces mixed in with the classic houseplant staples creates more visual interest and impact. If you’re looking for an eye-catching, out-of-the-ordinary houseplant that’s a little quirkier than your average fern, opt for one of these unique houseplants that have tons of character!


Goldfish Plant

This quirky houseplant has all the beauty of a koi pond in one little pot! Its bright orange blossoms look just like little goldfish swimming around a sea of emerald green foliage. They do best in bright, indirect sunlight, so you can pop one on a sunny windowsill or on a coffee table in a well-lit sunroom. Make sure you let the soil dry out between waterings because, unlike actual goldfish, these plants don’t like to sit around in a puddle of water. 


Snake Plant

Goldfish? Snakes? Is this a plant collection or an aquarium? Anyhow, these snazzy looking houseplants are one of the most low-maintenance plants imaginable, so if you’re a newbie gardener who hasn’t had great luck with keeping your houseplants alive, this is a fantastic option. They honestly thrive off a little bit of neglect, so if you skip a week (or three) of watering, it’s not the end of the world. They do well in shady areas, too, so if sunlight isn’t in high supply in your living space, your snake plant will do just fine. The tall, poker-straight leaves of the snake plant also have a bold, striped pattern that I really dig. Ten points for Slytherin!


These peculiar plants are popping up everywhere lately! Their massive leaves, often depicted in artsy home décor and fashion textiles, have distinctive holes and ridges, earning them the nickname “Swiss Cheese Plant.” They like lots of water, well-draining soil, and a moderate amount of indirect sunlight. They like to grow upward, so to encourage them to grow nice and tall, stake them for some added support. Also, take caution if you’ve got pets that tend to munch on your plants—monstera is toxic when eaten.

Ficus Benjamina

The ficus family is actually a pretty broad category of trees, but the ficus benjamina is definitely one of my faves. It has a flexible trunk, so lots of growers braid them as they develop, and the end results are really spectacular. It has vibrant green, glossy leaves that catch the sunlight beautifully. Weekly watering will keep this ficus happy, and a spot near a sunny window is best. To make sure it grows evenly and doesn’t get lopsided, rotate the plant 90 degrees every time you water it. This will ensure an even amount of sunlight to reaches all sides of the plant.

Whoever said houseplants are boring hasn’t done their research! The plant world is full of wacky, peculiar, colourful species in all different shapes and sizes, and adding in a few statement plants to your living space can add so much personality and energy. Visit us at Salisbury to see some of the wonderfully weird varieties available for you to take home today!

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