Have-to-Have Houseplants for 2019

Monstera Delicosa

Split-Leaf Monstera
Monstera deliciosa
While Instagram may have made the Swiss Cheese plant popular, we’ve been admiring their splits for years! It’s truly magical to watch the ebb and flow of the leaves emerge and unfold into a palm-sized beauty. Beyond its good looks, Split-Leaf monstera is excellent at holding its own with bright, indirect light and minimal watering making it an ideal low-maintenance beauty to commit to. If the light is too low, the plant may grow a little lanky, sprawling outward, but will still perform well. There may also be less splitting in the leaves.

🌿For the exuberant at heart, Split-Leaf monstera mimic’s your best personality traits for the perfect wingman.

Starfish Snake Plant Sansevieria cylindrica
Image Via Gardening Know How

Starfish Snake Plant
Sansevieria cylindrica
A rare specimen unique to the Sansevieria family, Starfish resembles more of a fat-fingered succulent, than other flat-bladed Snake Plant varieties. The care is essentially the same – less is more – as this dreamycoastal plant prefers drier soil. Also, bright, filtered light is preferred to maintain their subtle striping, but if necessary lower light will still keep a Starfish pointing upward.

🌿Starfish Snake Plant is ideal for the roaming wanderlust-filled plant lover who travels often, yearning for the salty air.

Singapore Twist cordyline Cordyline fruiticosa ‘Singapore Twist’
Image Via Dave’s Garden

Singapore Twist cordyline
Cordyline fruiticosa ‘Singapore Twist’
Singapore Twist’s burgundy-purple foliage intertwines together creating a fan-like feature of epic proportions. Showcase its pompous twists where the leaves can they receive a lot of light and warm air, making a tropical vibe their home. When the summer rolls around, take your Singapore Twist to the patio for the party to reinvigorate their color.

🌿For the exotic beauties, Singapore Twist will keep your head in the clouds and your soul on the beach.

Variegated Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra elatior ‘Variegata”

Variegated Cast Iron Plant
Aspidistra elatior ‘Variegata”

A tried-and-true variety from the yesterdays with a modern-day spin, the variegated leaves of the Cast Iron Plant will shine in almost any environment. Minimal watering is needed for this foliage fox to thrive, in fact, it may go weeks before needing a drink. That’s tough like cast iron! Place this stout plant where the light is filtered and not too bright.

🌿Variegated Cast Iron plant will stand guard for plant parents needing bold structure in their gathering spaces.

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