Green Goods

With over 5 acres of greenhouse growing space we produce a dazzling array of plants every year.

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Every year our hard working production staff grows over a million annual plants and 10,000 hanging baskets. We strive to offer you a great selection of our locally grown flowers, vegetables and herbs so your garden can look its best all summer.

We also bring in gorgeous tropical patio plants like bougainvillea, hibiscus and mandevilla so you can create a unique and exotic statement on your deck, patio or front porch.



Bring a little green indoors. Keep the air in your home or office a little fresher with a few tropical houseplants. We bring in a wide assortment of plants in a range of sizes and for a variety of light levels.

If you like growing your own food you might enjoy adding a citrus plant or fig to your living room. These easy care plants grow, flower and fruit in any well lit space.

Though a poorly lit spot isn’t ideal for any plant we always carry a few like peace lilies, chinese evergreens and snake plants that are more tolerant of low light levels.

Only have space for a hanging plant, we grow ferns, ivies, spider plants and tradescantias. Perfect for brightening up a room without loosing any floor or shelf space.

Almost all year we bring in a regular assortment of flowering plants like cyclamen, african violets and orchids, perfect for gift giving or adding some long lasting colour to your kitchen, dining room or office.

Looking for something a little different? Perhaps a carnivorous plant like a venus fly trap or pitcher plant would fit the bill. Maybe a soil-free air plant is more your style.


Seasonal Plants

Celebrate the seasons and always have fresh colour in your home and garden with our seasonal plants. Celebrate the arrival of spring with primulas, pansies and spring flowering bulbs. Easter lilies and hydrangeas make perfect hostess gifts when getting together with family and friends at Easter.

When your summer garden fades in fall bring it back to live with a few fall blooming mums. Tolerant of light frost they can keep on blooming until the snow flies.

With Christmas and the holiday season come poinsettias. We grow over 10,000 of them in a gorgeous selection of colours and sizes from low growing dwarfs, perfect for adorning a dining room table to giant 12″ pots to decorate floors in larger spaces such as next to the reception desk at the office.

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