Get Dirty At Work


Gardening culture workshops to improve workplace mindset.

Get your office involved in a team building experience.
Pass this information on to your HR or event planner to get started!


Let Us Do All The Planning!

• Select your garden & provide a venue on site for 40 or more
• We bring everything to you
• All materials & instruction is included
• We clean up the mess!

Give us a call and customize a project that fits your budget.

Workshops are 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your garden.

Cost includes delivery & pickup.

Each participant will receive a $10 Gift Card, the latest Home & Garden Magazine and all the materials & knowledge they need to create their take-home garden.

Mobile workshops are for groups of 40 participants or larger.

Workshops are available year round.

We can even schedule your workshop during lunch!


Step 1:  Contact Us & Schedule Your Workshop

Give Kim a call, and she will get your team scheduled in!

Kim Brand: 780-782-4532  |

Kim has a passion for helping groups of people unlock their potential. Combine that with a love and expertise for gardening and you have the ideal instructor for dynamic, educational, get-your-hands-dirty workshops.  Kim has a background ranging from agriculture and research to self development and coaching, and she’ll inspire you to be creative and have fun.


Step 2:  Choose Your Project

Start with our standard projects, or make a totally unique and/or seasonal piece that fits in your budget!

So you have decided to participate… fantastic! Selecting the project that best reflects your office culture is an easy process. You can choose from standard project ideas that encompass herb, miniature, annual or edible gardens or design a totally unique idea that creates your vision and operates within your budget. We can create a personalized prototype for you to offer your team members.


Step 3:  Start Promoting

We will work with your event planner to  facilitate the promotional material you will need to get your team members signed up.

We want your workshop to be a successful event. Your package will include;

• Posters for your office common area

• Sign up sheet

• Facebook ready AD

After your successful event, we will give you a shout out on our social media for your participation!

We can accommodate groups of 40 or more at your office. However, if you would like to take advantage of our tropical environment and space we can host you here. The best part, no mess for you to worry about.

Do you have a team that is smaller than 40 people? No Problem! We will set you up at the greenhouse for your workshop!

Download a brochure to give to your event planner! Get Dirty At Work


These guys are already digging in!





What they had to say:


“People loved it and couldn’t wait to participate again.”

What their staff had to say:

•       I always enjoy the gardening session.

•       Lots of good tips too!

•       It was much more than I thought it would be – many more plants.

•       Really impressed with the types of plants that were provided

•       This is my favorite day of the work year – it’s my third time at this event

•       Very wise garden instructor so very enjoyable.

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