Fashion Trends for Spring 2017

Trends for Spring 2017


It’s still cold outside but we hope this trend report will bring some sunshine into your life. While minimalism and monochromatic trends have been riding high, this season is shaking up the style world with frills, bright bold stripes and 80s glam. Essentially it’s about injecting some fun into your wardrobe.
Here it is, the top trends for Spring 2017:


Sporty look –
The leisurely athletic look is sticking around for 2017. Try a nice sporty jacket or a bright coloured statement tee to play with this trend. Love to wear your yoga pants all day long? Try mixing sporty pants with a bright t-shirt and subtle flatforms to rock a trendy look this spring.

Big, Bold, Bright Stripes –
Thick, thin and everything in between! It’s bold dynamic bright stripes this season. Ladies, you know how great a good set of stripes can flatter your form? Pick the direction that works for you and get ready to strut your stuff.

Utility –
Although this is not a new trend, 2017 sees it add a bit more character and fun with big pockets and new shapes. Take your fav khaki shirt out and keep it right on trend by pairing it with safari hues and some high waisted pants.

The Work Shirt –
It’s a staple in most wardrobes and we’ve all seen it evolve and experimented with so what’s next? 2017 introduces some fun to the classic work shirt with extended sleeves and oversize shapes. Get ready to add some adventure to your work attire.

The Eighties –
The 80s are back! Did they ever go away? This spring, it’s all about shameless indulgent 80s glam! Remember those dramatic ruffles, puffy shoulders and wild patterns? Well you can dig them out because they’re trendy again.
So a statement shirt this spring will incorporate some shoulder definition, frills or large sleeves.
One-shoulder tops and dresses are trendy too and they work with all body and bust sizes. For a more modern take, try a single shoulder cut-out top.

Hopeless Romantic –
This spring sees a surge of lovely delicate floral dresses to bring out the romantic in us all. It’s all about softness, florals and flowing frilly fabrics. You’ve probably already got a similar piece in your wardrobe so dig it out and prepare for a soft and sweet spring.
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The Purse Goes SuperSize –
Ladies we love our purses, you probably have a collection in your closet and the bigger the better right? Well your next purchase for this season is the supersize bag! Think big then go even bigger this season. It’s all about that over-the-top large look.
We are also seeing purses just for carrying cell-phones. Fashion is taking those tacky cell phone cases and revamping them for the fashionista in mind. It’s like a mini-purse for your phone and perfect for those not into the supersize purse trend.

Dramatic Earrings and Necklaces –
Sticking with that over-the-top dramatic look, add some character to your earrings this season. The bigger and flashier the better. We love this look because it can add such a dynamic edge to even a simple outfit, especially for work. For necklaces it’s all about long chains with giant pendants.

Flatforms –
This is not a new trend but maybe you’ve not tried it out yet? For anyone who loathes the torturous pain of heels, try a small modest flatform out? They add height without the discomfort. Even better, a cute flatform practically goes with any outfit from sporty to evening wear.
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Think Blue –
This spring it’s all about blue in every shade you can imagine. We are loving this color! After trying to incorporate trendy orange and the whole black and white trend, we are welcoming a sea of blue with open arms.
Neon Brights –
Just when you were getting excited about the delicate blue trend, neon is in style too ladies. For some, the whole neon look can be a bit too flashy so try a subtle addition like a neon accessory.
Khaki –
Khaki is the new black. Instead of the standard utilitarian khaki look, khaki’s getting a nice feminine touch with the ruffle trend and fitted waist jackets.
Blush –
For those excited about the ‘Hopeless ‘Romantic’ trend, get ready to further indulge because every shade of blush you can possibly imagine is in style from bubblegum to fuscia.

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