Dawn’s Garden Story

My gardening story starts with two very special boys, my sons Xander and Damien. When they were diagnosed with Autism, we made a lot of changes to our lives. Because of the level of care they require, we left our house on a big corner lot with lots of garden space and bought a beautiful little house with a tiny front yard and very little backyard space that was zero maintenance. I threw some mulch down in the back under their trampoline and playhouse, and bought some planters for the front yard for my lilies from our old house. That was all the gardening and landscaping I could handle that first year.

When my 6 year old showed interest in flowers, I ran with it. We spent hours at Home Depot during the winter months just looking at plants. This year we planted wild flower seeds and sunflower seeds. My children are both engaged and over the moon happy when tending their seedlings. We now have plans to create a small garden area specifically for the boys to continue exploring their new passion.

Over the past two years my boys have come so far. My 4 year old learned to talk, and my 6 year old developed a true love for plants. All thanks to gardening. My oldest attends a science alternative program, and my youngest will be joining him in September. I couldn’t be prouder, and am so happy we found an activity we can share together.