Active Schools Supply Request Form

Each school has full control over what is planted in their garden and how those plants used within their curriculum. To make sure everything arrives in time to plant we ask that you fill out the following form.

The supply request form will be available once the 2017/18 schools have been selected. We thank you for your patience.

Please have this form submit to us by January 30th, 2017.

Once you have selected what will be grown indoors we will make sure you have dirt, seeds, and tools to get started before the snow melts. *New schools will receive seeding trays. We ask that schools reuse their seeding trays in their following years.

Anything you will be planting directly into the gardens will be delivered at a later date.

School Information

All schools will receive seeding soil at the start of their gardening season. Seeding trays will be given to all new schools entering the program, as well as to existing schools whose trays have become too damaged to reuse. With the proper care, seeding trays can be reused for several years.
*Only schools in their first year of the Salisbury School Gardens program will receive a tomato plant for every student, teacher and staff member. Please let us know how many plants your school will need.

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