Your Harvesting Calendar

The best part of vegetable gardening has to be the harvest. There’s just nothing like finally being able to dig into the fruits of your labour, and with a well-rounded vegetable garden, with something for every season, you can enjoy the thrill of the harvest all year long. For the ultimate produce yield, dig in with your harvesting calendar for Alberta on this week's blog.

Fall Workshop Schedule

Our Fall 2018 Workshop schedule is now out! We have a variety of projects for you to chose from and we've added some awesome new workshops to the line-up. View the classes & register today!

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August 30, 2018

Mindfulness in the Garden


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August 12, 2018

Bog Gardening for Those Wet Spots

From the Experts,Plant TLC,

Bog Gardening for Those Wet Spots Bog Plants for Sunny Spots Bog Plants for Shade “ ...
August 1, 2018

Wind Resistant Gardens

Plant TLC,Salisbury Landscaping,

Wind Resistant Gardens Wind in the Garden Protecting Against Wind Plants That Can Tak ...
September 12, 2018

Your Harvesting Calendar

Eat What You Grow,From the Experts,

Your Harvesting Calendar Spring Summer Fall “Be patient and wait for due harvest. ...
August 16, 2018

The Social Network in Your Garden

From the Experts,

The Social Network in Your Garden Do Plants Really Talk? How Do Plants Communicate? V ...
August 9, 2018

Saving Your Garden in a Heat Wave

Plant TLC,

Saving Your Garden in a Heat Wave Keep Them Relaxed Protecting Against Wind Keep Them ...
July 17, 2018

DIY Landscape Design Tips

Salisbury Landscaping,

DIY Landscape Design Tips Getting Started Try This “Enjoyment of the landscape is a ...