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About Rob Sproule
Rob Sproule is Co-Owner of Salisbury and passionate advocate for all things growing. He’s never happier than when he’s inspiring gardeners young and old to get their hands dirty. He’s written 4 gardening books and writes for newspapers and magazines across Canada.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Seeding CalendarSeeding Calendar:
How to grow your own food in Alberta and have fun doing it.

Would you like to grow your own bounty of food this year? In this easy-to-follow guide, Rob Sproule walks you through when to start seeding, how to care for your seedlings, and how to transfer your plants directly into the garden. Use these expert tips and find success in your soil. We’ve even included a printable seeding calendar, money saving tips, and recipes for your garden harvest.  Get it now


Your Guide To Container Gardening Recipes

Seeding Calendar
From The Experts

Learn to use the basic principles of design to create a beautiful array of complementary colours in your garden. Including tips, tricks, and home & garden trends. Get it now 


Top 10 Garden Pests & Organic Solutions

Pest eBook
Learn to identify each Garden Pest, the type of damage they do to your garden, and how to control them without the use of chemicals. Get it now