Gardening with Native Grasses

Living in Alberta, there are so many gorgeous grasses that are native to the prairies. They're hardy – plus, they are extremely easy to take care of. Plant them and forget about them, and enjoy the beautiful touch they add to your space.

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Landscaping consultations are now open! Want to re-imagine the design of your yard? Our personalized consultations are designed to help you articulate your vision of a trendy and stylish backyard into a feasible action plan.

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Salisbury Greenhouse and Landscaping strive to bring you gardening tips that will keep you inspired and educated about growing. Now when you grab your morning coffee you can delve into your favourite gardening advice through our podcast "Eager Gardeners".

Our Favourite 2016 Photos

We love being able to capture the essence of the plants we grow, suspending their beauty in a moment of time.

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Gardening with Native Grasses

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