Microgreens vs Sprouts

Like apples and tomatoes, microgreens and sprouts look alike at a distance but, once you get closer, they’re different in almost every way. Unlike apples and tomatoes, however, a clear winner emerges.


Eager Gardeners Podcast

Salisbury Greenhouse and Landscaping strive to bring you gardening tips that will keep you inspired and educated about growing. Now when you grab your morning coffee you can delve into your favourite gardening advice through our podcast "Eager Gardeners".


Autumn Backdrop

Come visit our beautiful fall backdrop! The golden colours and textures of autumn make a serene spot for a mini photo session. Take a glance into our fall space.


Fall/Winter Workshops

Our Fall & Winter workshop schedule is here! We've got some fun new ones and some classic favorites. Check out our schedule and register for an upcoming workshop today.


Fall Mums

When the weather turns cool, keep your garden warm with Fall Mums. Salisbury grown fall mums are hardy until -7°C.

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