Best Terrarium Plants

Not just any plants thrive inside of glass. It’s humid, there’s little air circulation (depending on how closed it is), and competition is fierce. You can’t use just any plants. I’ve broken down my favourites (and one plant to tread lightly with).


Eager Gardeners Podcast

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DIY: Christmas Urns

Our Christmas Urn Workshops are now completely sold out! If you missed your chance to register for this event, don't fret. We want to teach you how you can make your own with this simple DIY tutorial.


Our Favourite Poinsettias

Spice up the season with the Premium Picasso Poinsettia. This poinsettia has a striking resemblance to an artists canvas with beautiful red brush strokes.


Around the Greenhouse

Holiday whimsy is all around, reminding us of cozy memories past and cozy memories to come. We have charming décor, festive baskets, and everything you need to be Christmas ready this season.

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