Your Pruning Calendar

While it is tempting to pick up your pruning shears come Fall, it can often do more harm than good. We've got your pruning calendar marked out so you clip and trim exactly when your plants need it most! Dig In.

Fall Workshop Schedule

Our fall gardening workshops have now been announced! Sign up for a class today, and get creatively inspired on a fun and unique gardening project this season.

2017 Annual Survey

It is that time of year again, where we look to you to help Salisbury Greenhouse grow! Our 2017 Annual Survey is up and we would love to hear your feedback. Click the link below to fill out our Annual Survey!

Landscape Design Consultations

Landscaping consultations are now open! Want to re-imagine the design of your yard? Our personalized consultations are designed to help you articulate your vision of a trendy and stylish backyard into a feasible action plan.

Alberta Grows

Alberta Grows is an innovative social media website for those that love spending time in the garden. Meet other gardeners, and discuss gardening questions and topics.

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