2017 Annual Survey

It is that time of year again, where we look to you to help Salisbury Greenhouse grow! Our 2017 Annual Survey is up and we would love to hear your feedback. Click the link below to fill out our Annual Survey!

The Fake News On Earwigs

Earwigs look like tiny prehistoric nightmares with a stereotype to match. But as long as you can keep them outside, they aren’t as hard to control as you think. And you’ll never guess where the name came from!

Landscape Design Consultations

Landscaping consultations are now open! Want to re-imagine the design of your yard? Our personalized consultations are designed to help you articulate your vision of a trendy and stylish backyard into a feasible action plan.

Alberta Grows

Alberta Grows is an innovative social media website for those that love spending time in the garden. Meet other gardeners, and discuss gardening questions and topics.

Dig In Blog

June 21, 2017

The Fake News on Earwigs

Troubleshooting - Busted Bugs,

The Fake News on Earwigs By Rob Sproule Earwigs & Fake News Spotting Them Contro ...
May 31, 2017

The “Other” Pollinators

Troubleshooting - Busted Bugs,

The “Other” Pollinators  By: Rob Sproule Hoverflies Butterflies Other Be ...
May 15, 2017

Synthetic VS Organic Fertilizers: Who will Win?

Plant TLC,

Synthetic VS Organic Fertilizers: Who will Win? By: Rob Sproule To Organic or Not to ...
June 27, 2017

Training Tomatoes: How to Run a Sugar Factory

Eat What You Grow,

Training Tomatoes: How to Run a Sugar Factory By Rob Sproule Before you cut… To ...
June 6, 2017

3 Reasons to Trim Back your Annuals

Plant TLC,

3 Reasons to Trim Back your Annuals  By: Rob Sproule How to Pinch Back Does the idea ...
May 24, 2017

Heavy Rain

Plant TLC,

Heavy Rain  By: Rob Sproule Assessing the Damage Rainy Seasons “The green reed tha ...
May 7, 2017

Best New Annuals for 2017

Lifestyle,Salisbury Landscaping,Trendy and Historic,

Best New Annuals for 2017 By: Rob Sproule High Fashion ‘Superbells’ Morning Star ...